BabyShinja Village

BabyShinja village is the name of the $BSHINJA community of holders. A tightly-knit family that has each others' backs in all things crypto and beyond.

How to join BabyShinja Village?

Just by joining our social media communities and purchasing BSHINJA tokens you become a member of the village. The token can be purchased off of, or other binance smart chain DEX and you can find us training on telegram and twitter.

The Three Principles: Courage, Resolve, and Skill

To become a successful ninja and village member you can show through example the three principles of BabyShinja philosophy: Courage, Resolve, and Skill.


Never be scared to share your ninja way with uniformed members of the public and do your part to engage in all ninja missions whether on social media or creating a marketable chart for inquiring investors.


Joining and participating in a community is a great responsibility. Remember to always do your best to keep the same attitude you had upon initiation into the village. We can not control price action but we can control together the atmosphere we present for new investors.


In order to become the most successful ninja you will need to take advantage of all situations presented to you. Peaks can be sold masterfully to help support dips. With thoughtful and efficient trading we can all do our part to support the project further.